ATCC,生物资料管理和标准组织已被全国过敏和传染病(NIAID),部分国家卫生研究院的一项三年,986 00万美元的任务订单合同,管理和运营其艾滋病毒试剂计划,以前称为艾滋病试剂计划。ATCC负责提供艾滋病毒/艾滋病研究界,无需成本,高质量的材料,支持治疗,疫苗和诊断的开发和评估。

NIAID’s Preclinical Services for HIV Therapeutics Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract program supports basic and preclinical research and therapeutic product development for HIV, tuberculosis (TB), and hepatitis B and C. The scope of work ranges from initial product discovery to supporting clinical trials and/or product licensure. Under the terms of the Task Order G award, ATCC will provide the extramural scientific community with research material and preclinical product development support for candidate products that emerge from investigator-initiated research studies.

“This program extends ATCC’s long history as a national resource supporting critical public health efforts and enables the scientific research community to better understand, treat, and ultimately prevent, infectious, immunologic, and allergic diseases,” says Raymond H. Cypess, DVM, PhD, chairman and CEO of ATCC. “We look forward to supporting NIAID in fulfilling their mission to improve the health of our nation.”


“通过这一奖项,ATCC展示了对管理这一规模方案的最佳实践的质量和遵守,”ATCC联邦解决方案副总裁Joseph Leonelli说,博士Joseph Leonelli说。“我们很自豪能够扩大与尼亚德的关系,以支持他们开发传染病解决方案,包括艾滋病毒疫苗,诊断和治疗方法。”有关更多信息,请转到艾滋病毒试剂计划网站